October 29, 2011

Hello Halloween!

*Dakota's first Halloween*

Halloween is in full swing around these parts. Yesterday we bought enough bags of candy to feed a small army. I purposefully waited until just days before because if it is in the house, I will eat it. Hello, no self control! This morning we woke up extra early to be a part of a costume contest at our grocery store. We did it last year and it was such a blast. Dakota was a papoose last year and won second place only next to an adorable little lion. Which is okay with us, he was too.cute! This year she won again, but I think that all babies under 2 win! :) Hey, we aren't complaining! She walked away with two cute little Rudolph + Rudolph's girlfriend stuffed animals. We've been sewing things, hanging up orange lights, drinking apple cider and watching Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. So fun. 

Is Halloween coming to life around your house? xo, Meghan

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