October 29, 2011

Songbird Saturday #8

Today's playlist is brought to you by: Eddie Vedder. I have to admit, for years and years, I hated Pearl Jam solely on the fact that I thought Kurt Cobain hated him. (I'll save me love affair with Kurt for another time) Anyway, I enjoyed a few Pearl Jam songs here and there, Yellow Ledbetter, but only in secret and few and far between out of respect for Kurt. I am slightly obsessed. It wasn't until I read, then later saw, Into the Wild that I decided to give the front man a chance. This soundtrack is awesome. I love love love this movie, but I really love the soundtrack. I find myself listening to it more when the weather is colder and I want to be inspired. This is one of the few movies I can watch constantly and always be refreshed and inspired by it. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I highly suggest you do!  He has put out two? solo records since then, and I've herd a few songs off of each, and I'm not disappointed. I like Eddie Vedder, I'm sorry Kurt!

xo, Meghan

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