October 01, 2011

Songbird Saturday #6

Today's playlist is extra super special to me! Do you ever hear a song and are instantly taken back to a memory? Well I am. I've always herd that scent is the closest thing tied to memory, but I really think that it's sound and music. Colour Revolt is a band from Mississippi that Bean showed me when we first started dating. It was fall/winter time when I first listened to them on a mixtape he had given me. So every time I listen to these songs (especially the EP) I'm taken back to cooler weather and the first feelings of looooove. This morning was so  crisp and really fall like, so I thought these songs were perfect!

You might have noticed, I'm using grooveshark. Well playlist.com didn't have all the songs I wanted. I'm not sure if i'm going to make a switch for good, but I'm glad that I could find these songs elsewhere today.

Today while Bean is away, Angela and myself are going to finish everything on our to do this for next weekend! We have almost everything done, but I'm most excited about doing a mock table set up. Things seem most real to me when they are tangible and I can see all of our hard work paid off. Soo excited! Happy Saturday!

xo Meghan

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