October 28, 2011

What we wore: Headed to the city (Featuring Dakota Moon!)

On Mama: Sweater, Thrifted-originally Old Navy//Shorts, Target//Tights, Forever 21//White shirt, stolen from Bean//Shoes, Thrifted//Necklace, Birthday gift♥//Owl Ring, Claires//Cat + Mustache Pin, Boy Girl Party

On Dakota: Striped shirt, Target//Black Pants, TjMaxx//Sweater, Carter's from Babies'R'Us//Boots, Target

Dakota only made a small cameo apperence in these photos because A, she can't sit still long enough to get a decent picture! and B, we were getting ready to head out of town and I needed to get some last minute baby snugs. I was so thankful that last weeks temperatures were cool enough for tights and sweaters without having a heat stroke! The weather in Atlanta was pretty low in the mornings but was just delightful as the day went on.

Shorts (of any kind) + tights is my go to thing to wear when it's fall. The possibilities are basically endless, it's comfortable (I am all about comfort being a mama) and it's easy to dress up or down. Oh, isn't that Boy Girl Party pin adorable? I should do a post sometime solely on the stuff of hers I have. I have almost every one of those pins plus lots of stationary. I can't bring myself to use it though, it's just too cute!

Sometime soon I'll try to do a proper Mama/Baby post! It was fun! xo Meghan 

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