November 02, 2011

Adventures in Atlanta! Day One (image heavy)

Two weekends ago, Bean, Jared, and I packed our suitcases and took a little road trip. It was a late birthday present for Bean and he chose to go to Atlanta. We had a pretty packed schedule, but it was so fun! We got there Thursday night, so our first day didn't start until Friday morning.

Day One: We toured Turner Field, which was awesome! We went to the Lennox mall and has some yummy cupcakes. Maybe took home a pair of shoes....or three! After lunch we headed to Helen. The most charming place ever. It's a little town built to look like an old Dutch one. They have sweet shoppes, shops with coco clocks and nesting dolls, Delftware, and wiener schnitzel. I would not be lying if I told you it's one of my favorite places, ever. It was especially fun the night we went because they were kicking off their Oktober Fest! Lots and lots of people gathered in the square, dancing and singing and having fun! Bean convinced everyone we had to take Old Time-y photos. They are hilarious! We were so excited about eating phillies, we ever had. Bean and I had them in Helen two years ago, and I'm (kind of!) sad to say we still talk about how amazing they are! The restaurant switched owners, so they didn't have them. Boo! But we found a tiny pizza place crammed with people and decided that would have to suffice. It did, it was so good! We polished the night off with a trip through Haunted Helen, a 365 haunted house they have right outside of Helen. It was amazing, at least I think. I spent most of the tour with my eyes in Bean's shoulder. I'm usually a sucker for all things scary, but this was past my comfort zone!

As you can see, we had such a fun time! I'll share next week Day 2! xo, Meghan

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