November 01, 2011

Halloween; a few tricks and lots of treats!

Yesterday started off less than thrilling. It was a bad morning turned bad afternoon. I must have walked under a ladder or saw a black cat, knocked over some salt, something, because the odds were not in my favor. The horribleness ended with a window shattering in my hands. I'm telling you, I must have broken a mirror sometime within the last 7 years! That's sure what I felt like yesterday. No matter the amount of misfortunes I was having, I was bound and determined to have a great evening. I'd mark the evening as a success in my book!

*family photo last Halloween*

For the second year in a row, both families came to our house. (We are lucky enough to have our own built in candy passer outers! Thanks Ang + Judah!) Our street is where everyone comes for Halloween. They block off the roads and thousands of kids and families show up. It's kind of magical to watch. Last year Dakota was only barely 3 months old, so things were very different this year than last year. Different in a good way! After pushing her around in her car for all of 3 houses, and carrying her up to a few, she quickly got the hang of it herself. Picture a tiny baby running up to houses with a basket in one hand, the other hand open wide just anticipating getting her share of candy. It was extremely cute. I loved watching her get so excited.

Dakota dressed up as a "moo cow" according to almost everyone we encountered. A few thought she was a Dalmatian, mainly because she wouldn't keep her cow hat on. I dressed up as a bear, even though I got more "oh it's a cat" than I got bear. Nonetheless, the entire evening was great! It ended with some homemade Caramel Apple Cider and a few Goosebumps movies. Maybe even a piece, or two of Dakota's candy. Don't tell! :) Not so great morning turned into the best Halloween yet! ♥

xo, Meghan

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