November 07, 2011

Greek Food Festival

This past Friday we went to the Greek Food Festival at the HMOG (Holy Mother of God) church. It's one of my favorite traditions. We've been going for years! Whenever the Greek Food rolls around, I know that the Holiday season is right around the corner. I mean, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, eeep!

The food was amazing, as usual. I was a bit sad that the spanakopita was going to take so long to cook, so we had to have tropita instead. Still very yum. Filo dough filled with cheese...why can't I have this year round? It was a fun night filled with good food, and family. Oh and our amazing neighbors! They came with us and I'm so glad. My favorite part was waiting in line for the pastries. Hello baklava and almond crescent cookies (my favorite!) It was the perfect way to feel inspired and get even more excited for the holiday season!

Has the time change effected you? It has over here, I completely forgot that to Dakota, 8:30 now really is 9:30 to her body, so she got to bed late, and wakes up an hour earlier! We all have some getting used to around here. Happy Monday!

xo, Meghan

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