November 08, 2011

Deliciously Sew at Mule Day

*silly face*

I'm partial, but I think this is the.cutest.booth ever! What do you think? This past Saturday DS packed up and headed an hour out of town at 6 in the morning to Mule Day. Apparently, it's a big thing. The booth next to us was from Iowa! I had only ever been once before, and it was nothing like I remembered. When we got there it was pitch black, and freezing cold. We tried our best to set up quickly, but our hands were pretty numb. (Note to self: bring gloves to next event!) Mule Day houses over 450 booths and draws in between 60,000 and 90,000 people. Wow, that's a lot! I'm pretty sure there were at least 60K. I saw so many people. If that isn't enough exposure, I don't know what is! 

The Facebook fans had a little incentive and received a free gift if they mentioned liking us on Facebook. Free cakepops! We improved upon our old display times like a thousand. It is much more visually appealing, and we didn't have any grown men chasing bows across fields this time. I'd say that is a plus! I'm sure the guys would too! We added a lot of cuteness to our inventory for this show: onesies, necklaces, more headbands, mini + regular plushies, chalkboards. We added another flavor of whoopie pie to this event (vanilla with chocolate filling) and boy could I tell you a million and one stories about that! I'll just say for the record, YES, you can eat them. NO, they aren't ceramic hamburgers. and NO, they aren't magnets. We're already planning on how we can make the DS booth even better for the next show we have. We have about a month to perfect it even more. The future of Deliciously Sew includes opening an etsy and continuing with craft shows and fairs. It's slowly growing more and more, and that's so exciting! 

We're going to the fair tonight, I'm so excited! Funnel cake, watch out. xo, Meghan ♥

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