December 14, 2011

Christmas is in full swing!

It's true, Christmas is indeed full swing, but it has been for weeks now! I don't know how I let this post slip past me and sit in the drafts folder for so long. You can tell how old it is, because the Santa count-down is still on 25! 


It's a tradition in our house that we go to the Festival of Lights/Christmas parade each year. This year was even more special because we got to take Dakota! She loved the floats, and the lights. Everything is so much better through the eyes of a child. We took the neighbors with us, and had such a fun time!
Christmas is so so close. My only hope is that these days before are super full of fun, love, and traditions. I hope they go by slow enough so that we can enjoy them (but not too slow!). xo, Meghan

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