December 17, 2011

Songbird Saturday #11

So, I had originally planned to post this playlist the Saturday before/after Bean and I's anniversary. That didn't happen, so I'm going to share it with you now! Before we officially considered ourselves dating, he made me a mix-tape. I remember the night he gave it to me, I went home and listened to it on repeat all night. And I'm sure several days after that...okay weeks and months. I still listen to it now, because some of those bands were/have become my favorite bands. Anytime I listen to a song from that mix, it takes me back to winter time, sitting in my room, looking at books, being awkward because we were young and well, awkward. I couldn't quite find all of the songs that he put on there, so I just added a few that have grown to our personal mix-tapes to each other throughout the years. Anyway, enough with the sappyness. Enjoy the playlist!
xo, MB

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