January 22, 2012

Photo Challenge Updates: week 3

52 Weeks of Instax: You're not getting tired of seeing these, are you? No? Well good! Because I'm having so much fun doing them. This time last year I was probably half way done with my 5 double packs of instax film! I wasn't kidding when I said I couldn't do the challenge because I used all my film in the first month! This week's photo is a sad attempt to capture the adorable bows I created Thursday night. (You can find them for sale here) Like I said last week, I'm still getting used to the camera so the picture is slightly-okay a lot-out of focus! Side note: I read a lot of reviews and posts about the 210 being hard to use, and for some reason I blew them all off. I kept blowing them off when I first got it, because it was so easy to capture people on film! However, I am biting my tongue now because it's down right HARD to get an image up close or of something other than a person!
This week on Instagram: (@ahoynative) 1. Morning // 2. Water (Somehow, I forgot to do this one!) // 3.Something you bought (or need to buy, in my case!!) // 4. Sweet // 5. Someone you love // 6. Reflection // 7. Your shoes

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! xo, Meghan.

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