January 23, 2012

What's in a name

Dakota when she was 9 months old

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while now, but I'm afraid to do so because I am slightly embarrassed. My child has well over 15 nick names. Is this normal? I have no idea, but I am leaning towards the no side. No, it is not normal. I don't plan on sharing them all, because you will probably think we're crazy! For a while there, we were calling her so many names I started to wonder if she even knew what her real Some have a story and some have no rhyme or reason at all. Some are probably average names you'd call your sweet little one, and some will leave you wondering why!

Loaf: We, or should I say 'I' started calling her this days after she was born. Something about her reminded me of a tiny warm loaf of bread. The kind of bread that was so yummy I wanted to butter and eat. No folks, I am not in any way saying I wanted to eat my child. Just, you know, 'so cute you could eat them up', was the type of mindset I had when we gave her this nickname. I'm sure it startled everyone when I started calling her that, but no one dare question a lady who just gave birth! So needless to stay, the name stuck. It's funny to me that almost everyone refers to her as Loaf!

Moon Pie: This could be, by far, my favorite nickname for anyone. ever. period. Dakota's middle name is Moon-Dakota Moon. One day we were chatting about nick names at Bean's moms house and Uncle Judah said Moon Pie. It was kind of like an "ah-ha" moment. Why hadn't that been said before? It's just so adorable. I hope she will let us call her that for the rest of forever. Or at least until she goes to middle school! He even made her a hair clip for her birthday in the shape of a chocolate Moon Pie and had stitched those words onto it. Cue the tears! 

Ling: This nickname happened on a road trip to South Carolina. We were bored and our bag of tricks was running low. We started rhyming (this is where most of her nick names came from) and took "Loaf" dropped the "oaf" and added "ing". Ling Ling. We still call her this a lot. Almost anyone can use this technique to create a nickname. Say your name is Meghan, you take everything after the first letter and forget about it. Add "ing" in its place and there you have yourself a fine nickname. Ming. We did this for everyone in the car, Ning, Bring, Ging (Gigi) which is what I call my mom all the time now. I think she secretly hates it!

A few others: Dinga, Babycakes, Pumkinbutt, Derb, and Merb (Derb's evil twin.) Please tell me we aren't completely crazy, and that you have something equally as off the wall as we do that you call your kids? 



  1. I love nicknames! And, I don't think you're nuts, although your daughter and my cat share the same nickname. haha. I call Matilda "little loaf" and "bread loaf" all the time. During October she's "pumpkin spice loaf." ... so yeah, even if you're nuts, I'm not the good judge of character when it comes to nicknames.

    I also call her Little, Little Tiny, Little Medium, Small Face, Kitty Girl, Baby Tiny, Matilda Girl, etc. When I have a child... Lord, help.

    1. Eeee, I LOVE cat loafs. When they're all tucked away like that, love it! That is kind of adorable...pumpkin spice loaf ;) I think we have the same theory when it comes to nicknames for the adorables in our lives...the more the better! haha.

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  3. I too love nicknames...probably because I never had a good one but I think this is too cute. I love to use random off-the-wall words for nicknames. I call my boyfriend potato and his daughter porkchop so I find your nicknames adorable.

    1. I call my fiancee Bean, and he used to call me Porkchop, but we shortened it to chop. And it's funny, because a lot of people call this kiddos Bean or some other food group. I thought we were so original, hahah.


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