January 09, 2012

What I wore: Monochromatic Dreams

Outfit Details: Sheep Sweater; Forever 21// Denim Shorts; Abercrombie jeans, cut into shorts// Pinstripe Tights; Christmas present// Coat; Christmas present (Forever 21)// Black Oxfords; Wanted// Watch; Gift from my mom♥ 

This outfit started out with the "Bah Ram You" sweater, as we like to call it in our house. It just occurred to me the amount of sweaters with animals on them I have (Owl, bunny, deer to name a few). I think it's unhealthy! Also, my obsession with 3/4 length things is crazy. In all actuality, most of the things I wear aren't a 3/4 arm length, so I just roll up the sleeves. I was looking for a pair of shorts to wear this particular day because Dakota and I were running errands and for some reason, I have no denim shorts whatsoever. So when in doubt/need, grab and old pair of jeans and make them what you need!

I'm not even going to pretend like it was less than 58 degrees when we took these pictures. If the temperature dips below 65, I find myself running to put on my coat. It's just that I got two really pretty coats for Christmas this year, and well, I'm determined to wear them no matter the temperature. 

Well I'm off to bite my nails in anticipation of reading Mocking Jay. I just finished Catching Fire and this has been one of the most nerve racking series' I've ever read! xo, Meghan

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