February 09, 2012

Getting Crafty!

I've been a little quiet this week because I've been busy preparing for DS's next show, this weekend!! Craft shows are my very favorite because it's so fun to set up our booth. I think it's adorable (maybe I'm biased) and I love seeing people come in and ask if we "actually made this stuff?" I wanted to share a few photos from my week of preparing with you. It's so fun to work around so much color and cuteness!
It's been a while since our last show, so I'm extra excited this time! With each show we add to our belt, we take home a few things that we can do better or differently. I'm a firm believer that best can be better when it comes to things I've made. This time we are working extra hard to make sure our prices are very visable and visually appealing. Since our last show, we have added a lot of things to our inventory (read: large plushies and pouches.) We're bringing some yummy treats and of course we're bring the cute, like we always do! ;) If you live near/around Tallahassee then check out the event and maybe you can stop by! --Also, if you're wishing you could attend but cannot, don't forget that we are having a Valentines special in our shop! Free shipping, but it ends this Friday, so if you had your eye on something, why not snag it up when the shipping is on us? Quite a few people have taken advantage of this, and were so glad!♥ 

But, truth be told, the thing I am looking most forward to is getting dressed. It's super fun to put on a cute dress and tights. I somehow always convince Bean I need a new dress for the occasion, and he humbly obliges, as long as I stick to shopping at Forever 21, or within his budget! He's the best!

What's your favorite part about craft shows/fairs? xo, Meghan

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