February 08, 2012

A Very Un-Birthday!

*So this was originally supposed to post yesterday! But our internet went out (I swear, it's more trouble than it's worth sometimes that dang internet!) So I'm posting today! Yesterday was Dakota's half birthday! Her daddy bought her a cute card and some adorable stickers. We took her for cupcakes and she loved every bit! I finished the day off with getting my tattoo for her. The appointment got moved up to yesterday, and even though he didn't get to finish I love it so much! It's MUCH bigger and quite a bit different than I went in expecting, but I'm so happy with the results. I'll go back in a few weeks to get color. I'm just excited to show Dakota! She's really good at point out faces, so I wonder if she'll recognize herself!
It's like all of a sudden, I am now parenting a little girl, not a baby. It's the greatest/most fun thing ever. I have always loved Dakota so much, but I'm loving her even more these days. It's so awesome that I can walk into her room and draw pictures with her, or have a tea party if we want. I can say "cook me some breakfast" and she will go to her play kitchen and get breakfast ready. It's amazing how quickly she changed from a baby being content playing with herself, to a little girl who thrives on and seeks out interaction with others. Although, if you get her in front of Gabba (Yo-Gabba Gabba) she would be completely content watching that all day. 
Sometimes I feel like this girl is a Sour Patch Kid. Most of the time, she is super sweet, but she has her moments where she is plain sour. She has developed a temper and will make sure anyone around knows shes unhappy. If you even say the word no in her direction, watch out. Water works come flying, and she does this weird thing where she likes to hit something, or lie down on the floor with her face down. She's actually recently upgraded from this tantrum to doing something I have no idea why she's doing....she will say "no no" and pop her own hand. She doesn't get popped at our house, so I don't know why she does this! The sweetest thing she does though, aside from the random hugs and smooches throughout the day is that when we are driving in the car, she will ask for your hand. She grabs it, brushes it against her face, and then gives you lots of sweet little kisses. Melts my heart each time!
This girl is hilarious! I feel like she is going to be the class clown throughout her school career! She does this thing where she walks around and talks to herself, or the things around her. I have no idea what she is saying, but she says the same thing everytime. So I know she knows what she's saying! She got this baby doll (above) for Christmas, and I have never seen her so excited about something. I really didn't think she would be interested in dolls, but boy was I wrong! My aunt gave this sweet little baby to her, and every single day since then she hasn't gone anywhere without her. Each morning she wakes up and says "baby" for me to grab her and the baby out of the crib. Same thing each night before bed. Lots of times throughout the day I will hear her calling baby. She feeds her the bah and is learning to be a great mama!
When we took her to the doctor for her check up she weighed 25 pounds and is 31 inches tall! She's a big girl! When he told me she should know as many as 30 words now, I was a bit worried. I didn't think she knew that many for some reason. But as soon as we came home I made a list, and I realized she knows many more than she is expected to know and I guess I just don't realize that she verbalizes almost everything now. She only knows one phrase/sentence: don't touch. This is used in all types of scenarios like "Dakota, don't touch the trash in the trash can, that's dirty." Or "Dakota, don't touch while I'm trying to change your diaper." It's actually to the point in diaper changing where she wants to help/do it herself. She's given us many sings and all she's waiting for is us to help guide her in potty training, but I am so clueless! It will be a learning experience for all of us.
She sleeps like a champ! (That's the only time this girl is at rest) She is very intuitive and smart. She loves adventure and is brave. She's nurturing and oh so sticky sweet. She even loves to brush her teeth. She's even better than I could have ever imagined before she was born. She's my favorite! 


  1. Meghan,
    I think by far this is my favorite post. You are such an amazing mama and you can see it in Dakota. She is just so adorable and sweet. Sure wish I lived closer to ya'll that way I could have a tea party with ya'll. Enjoy every moment these times are so precious and go oh so fast. God has blessed you with an amazing little one, and has blessed Dakota with fabulous parents. Keep on keeping on....the best is yet to come.
    I love you dearly.

  2. So, so precious! She is absolutely adorable! We call Ellie a sour patch kid, too! Haha!


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