February 06, 2012

Photo Challenge Updates: week 5

52 Weeks of Instax: Maybe this one is a little better, because the image isn't so blurry? But not so much better in the fact that, well, you can't see anything! Except the tree/skyline. Maybe they make a "How to shoot your 210, for dummies." 
January/February Photo a Day on Instagram: (@ahoynative) Number one is from last week (technically two weeks ago) because I couldn't save that image. The prompt was "what's in your fridge". 2. You, again. // 3. Your view // 4. Words // 5. Hands // 6. Stranger // 7. 10AM
You can see the previous weeks here: week one // week two // week three // week four

Are you participating in any type of photo challenge? I'd love to see! For me, it feels like a mini accomplishment every week being able to look back and see that I finished it. It's also nice that I will be able to potentially put this who year into a book, with Instagram photos. It's a nice way to stay on top of everyday life, when I normally wouldn't think to take a picture of whatever the prompt is. Love that! Sorry this was posted late, I didn't have my laptop yesterday. Happy Monday! xo, Meghan

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