March 28, 2012

Collections: Stationary + Journals

Maybe I'm a super nerd, but ever since I was a kid I have always adored paper supplies. I remember getting so excited at the end of the summer to go "school supply shopping" and I would always stack my composition notebooks, lined (college ruled) paper, planners, and folders in pretty piles. Truthfully I never used half of the stuff I convinced my mom to buy, but the love of shopping for pretty paper products is still something I very much believe in. 
I have a constantly growing collection of stationary and journals. Whenever I go into Target or the bookstore, it's a sure bet I'm going to browse the stationary. There are just so many pretty journals/notebooks/cards/stationary out there that I want to add to my collection (and I usually do!) There is only one problem....I hate to use it. I'm so afraid that once I use it, it will be filled up and I'll never get a do over. So for now, almost all of them (and that isn't even all of them!) sit on shelves throughout the house, looking pretty. 
When I was little my grandma sent me a stationary set that had little kittens all over them, just like this happy camper set. It even had little matching stickers + envelopes. Totally 90's and totally awesome! Also, see those adorable sticky notes by the lovely Boy Girl Party? Well Bean gave me those (along with all of the other BGP stationary) 2 Christmases ago...I've only used 3 sticky notes. Someone tell me there is a class I can attend! A Wreck This Pretty Paper class. Help me out!
I have quite a few collections, so be on the lookout, because I plan on sharing more! xo, Meghan

*PS- I am now the proud owner of a Smash Journal (in red), so mentally add that to this collection! Happy Wednesday!


  1. OMGosh. Sounds just like me. I have so many journals, notecards, folder, scrapbook paper... soooo many... and i just keep buying more and more.

  2. That's quite the cute stack you have there! I too love shopping for paper goods and office supplies. I found some of the cutest notecards at Anthropologie awhile ago! But at $7 a pop they had to be for something very special!

    What you said the same about not wanting to write in journals, knowing that you'd run out of room and there are no do-overs is the same way I sometimes feel about deciding on tattoos :) I love them, and I love getting them, but for the longest time I kept waffling about them seeing as how your body is such a limited canvas and once you fill up a spot, that spot is gone forever! Heh :)

  3. So much cute paper here. It makes me feel better to know there are other compulsive paper/journal collectors! I always see the Smash Journals at Michaels, and I love all the accessories. So hard to resist.

    I've been so busy with moving and everything that I haven't kept up very well with reading blogs I love - finally tonight I had a little more time! Love looking back at your posts from the past few weeks!


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