March 30, 2012

What I wore: Birthday Girl

Outfit Details: Jeans, birthday gift from my mom! Target // Button Up, gift from Bean! French Toast // Shoes, Forever 21 // Ring, c/o Kintage 

This was my birthday day outfit. It wasn't exactly what I pictured myself wearing on my birthday (I was thinking more a dress/oxfords combo) but when my mom gifted me these green jeans I was so excited to wear these asap! You may remember these green jeans, and I assure you they are a different color, which is awesome! That brings my colored jean count up to 3 pairs. I already have my eyes on another red pair (it's completely acceptable to buy the same color in different shades/ hues right?) and a white pair, which I guess isn't actually a color at all. ;) 

So the jeans were a gift from my mom. Which brings me to this button up, which is from Bean! I've been wanting to order from French Toast for a while now, but they are for kids, and their sizing chart was SO foreign to me that I had no idea what size I was supposed to be. Plus/junior/regular, I had no clue. I reached out to Diana on Instagram, and she helped me out a lot! I ended up just ordering the largest size, and the second to largest size in the kiddos shirt to see which would be better. The smaller of the two was still a bit more loose than I would have liked, so I washed them in hot water and then dried them with extra heat hoping they would shrink. Thank goodness they did! 

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday. I spent the day shopping with my little girl, running around outside with her, and having my mom come over to help me make Coffee Treats for the blog! (i'll be sharing the recipe next week!) I ended it with my favorite: broccoli cheese soup and Monk in bed with Bean. The perfect day from start to finish. 

xo, Meghan

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