March 27, 2012

Photo an Hour: Our Friday

I love looking at blogs with 'A photo an Hour' posts. It's a simple easy way to get a glimpse into someones life. Plus, they seem really fun! This past Friday I decided to take a photo an hour. I only managed to do it from 8 to 4 because we had to rush off at 5 to go see the Hunger Games! I'm not sure why I choose Friday to do it, it's not like it was a super busy day but I had made a pretty hefty to-do list including finishing our bridesmaids boxes, meeting Angela to see the dress she picked for our wedding (swoon!) and packing for the beach. It was fun nonetheless! Here's a little peek into our day:

Have you ever done a photo an hour? I'd love to see! I plan on doing a lot more in the future. I think it would be fun to do one with film, because you wouldn't be able to take a million and one pictures finding the perfect lighting, pose, subject, etc. Happy Tuesday! xo, Meghan

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