March 26, 2012

Photos of a Little Meghan!

In honor of my birthday (can you guess how old I am?! If you know don't tell!) I thought I'd share some pictures of baby me! I clearly remember rocking the mullet for quite a few years, and also, those clothes should be a dead giveaway for the time I was just a young girl. 

1.// My grandma holding a baby me, my cousin Jared, and my cousin Sarah. 
2.// Me looking pretty adorable in those flannel pj's at Christmas! Dakota wore almost identical ones this past Christmas.
3.// Brother + sister, and random chocolate on my lip!
4.// Big blue eyes + curly hair, two things that did not carry on through to my adulthood.
5.// Jared and I, both rockin' mullets! He and I are only 11 months apart, (actually all of the 9 cousins are only a year or a little less apart in age) so we were always hanging out!
6.// Look at that awesome vest! My grandma used to make one for every season, holiday, and occasion. They even had little tags in the back to write our names. I remember I used to hate them at the time, but now I really wish I had them.
7.// I am so excited to be a big sister! The mullet of all mullets, one to rival even Billy Ray Cyrus himself! Also, look at that phone in the background...the antenna, haha.

8.// Me celebrating my 9th? maybe 10th birthday in Japan! I asked my mom to take me to McDonald's (don't judge) because it is SO much more yummy in Japan! She came and picked me up from school, and brought me back with balloons. It was one of my favorite birthdays ever!
Well I'm off to do "birthday girl" type things, like watch Amelie, paint my finger nails, put on a pretty dress, and eat Nutella. Happy Monday! XO.

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  1. Ohh looking at all those amazing kiddie outfits I'd have to guess you're around the same age as me!! I love looking back at old pictures- thanks for sharing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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