March 31, 2012

Recipe: Blended Coffee Treats!

Today I have a yummy recipe to share with you! Coffee Treats! My mom used to make these for special occasions, or by a sweet request from my brother or myself. I remember during the summer, my mom would have her bgf (best good friend) over, and she would bring her daughter, my bestie, over and we would all drink these and stay up late watching movies. Fun! Here is how you can make yours:
Coffee Treats Recipe, makes 2-6 servings. -depending on what size glasses you serve your drinks in.

What You'll Need: A Blender // A Mexican espresso maker or a coffee pot if you don't have one.
Ingredients: Coffee Ice Cream // Espresso // Flavored Creamer (we used French Vanilla, but if you have a favorite, use it!) // Whipping Cream // Ice cubes // Sugar // Cinnamon (optional)
Steps:  1. Make your espresso as strong or not so as you'd like. If you're using a coffee pot, you'll want to make at least 3 cups. 2-4. While your espresso is making, add  6-8 scoops of coffee ice cream to your blender. Add half about 6 cubes of ice (more or less depending on the consistency you'd like.). Add half a cup of your flavored coffee creamer, and a tablespoon of sugar  5.  Add your Espresso to the blender. Again, add as much or as little as you'd like. I recommend adding at least a cup. More if you're looking for a pick me up! Less if you'd like a sweet treat before bed. 6-7. Blend all ingredients together. Add more coffee ice cream and ice if it's not thick enough. Pour into glasses, top with whipping cream and cinnamon and enjoy! 

A big thank you to my mama for coming over and helping me make these, take pictures, and drink all the leftovers! Let me know if make these! I plan on making some this morning, to tackle my massive to do list! xo, Meghan

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  1. You have quite the Momma! Can't wait to try these! I am loving your blog :) Kisses to your angel from me!


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