March 12, 2012

Where have I been?

they are seriously looking more and more like twins each day. Minus the beard of course!

This week/weekend went by in such a whirlwind! I like when the weeks go by fast, and the weekend comes and takes its time to slowly fade back into the Monday routine. I really enjoy spending time with my little family on Saturdays and Sundays doing things we can't normally do during the week. Last week was mainly spent preparing for our show on Saturday, (i'll share more on that later!) but we still had our regular daily duties to tend to and lots of errands to run. It was a busy week to say the least. This week is going to be super busy too. Thankfully Bean will be coming home at his normal time (4:30, as opposed to 8:30) this week and will be able to attend all of the fun things that are going on!

Tonight, Angela and I are taking some of our fancy peacock headbands and a few fancy pouches/clutches up to this new hair salon that showcases local artists, and I'm really looking forward to that! Tomorrow is Angela's birthday!! I'm so excited to give her some presents! Wednesday is our bible study class, and Thursday we are going to Bean's Pops for dinner, plus we get to ride Beans mama's new horses!! Saturday is both my cousin's baby shower, and a trio birthday party for Angela, Bean's mama, and myself. side note- all three of our birthdays are in March! I'll be spending our spare day catching up on chores, working on a custom Easter bulk order, and shopping for baby David!

I realize it's been kind of quite over here this week, and it seems like it will be this week with that crazy schedule, but I'm determined for it not to be! I promise to share these fun things as they happen! We had some surprise house guests last night, (my mom and brother were here, because their power blew throughout the whole house, and they couldn't fix it last night.) so I was busy hanging out with them and chowing down on some Publix cupcakes + ice cream instead of posting my 52 weeks of instax, but I'll post that later today! That was a whole lot of information to take in, phew! Hope I didn't bore you to tears! Be on the lookout for regular posts this week! How was your weekend? xo, Meghan

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  1. You're all so adorable! Your headbands sound amazinggg!


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