April 20, 2012

What you didn't see, because we didn't want you to.

Normally, you can expect a few silly shots when taking outfit photos. But for some reason, this past Sunday we could not get the hang of it. We have at least 20 frames looking just like the rest of these....complete goobs. For a while, self time was not our friend. Do you ever have completely silly, not paying attention at all pictures when you get back from taking outfit photos?! This one is my favorite....(I even came up with a little story) 
Angela: Quick! Get ready! -timer goes off- Angela: Why are you looking like that, weirdo? Me: Because I obviously wasn't prepared, and now I'm trying to pretend like I am ready, and I wanted to look this happy on purpose, duh! 

Okay, so maybe that wasn't much of a story, but I just love that picture. Hope you have a great Friday! xo. 


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