March 08, 2013


I really wanted to share my yearly goals here, but since I wasn't blogging when the New Year rolled around, I figured I could share my monthly goals instead. Does anyone else do this? I scribble down between 5-10 little goals I'd like to accomplish within the month in whatever journal I'm using at the time. Sometimes they're practical, sometimes they are to help me get closer to accomplishing my yearly goals, and most of the time they're just for fun! These are my goals for the month of March. All of these are things already in the works! I'd also like to add that March is the month of birthdays: Angela, myself, and my mother-in-law all celebrate birthdays in March. I love spoiling people and shopping for the perfect gift.


  1. I write down monthly goals rather than yearly goals. I think it is a smarter way to achieve things. Daily I write down the goal for the day, or a few things I need to get done and one or two things I would enjoy to do.

    Thanks for sharing, good luck on all your goals!


  2. I totally do the same thing!! I find it so much easier to focus on what I want to accomplish!

  3. I think these are such lovely goals! I would love to hear about what books you read and if you recommend any of them! Most of my friends are turning 30 this year and are talking about things they wish they did - so I have just written a list of things I want to do before 30. It's so nice setting goals, it motivates me so well!


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