May 20, 2013

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We've decided that we are going to give Dakota a new big girl room for her birthday! Well, that was the plan anyway when I made this little board two months ago! Within the last few weeks, Dakota has learned to get in and out of her crib, open her door whenever she pleases, and get out way after mom and dad are fast asleep and roam the house silently. No joke, this past Saturday we found her in the living room passed out on the floor with a flashlight in her hand. I guess even Dora the Explorer needs a few hours of sleep! ;) As you can imagine, we've made the switch from crib to big girl bed faster than I expected.

Anyway, her room was is u.l.t.r.a baby girly. Pinks, browns, and creams everywhere. Great for a baby, not so appealing for a toddler/big girl. We are the family that bought the matching furniture. I was young, what can I say! I'm looking forward to repainting what furniture she does have, and on the hunt for some new special pieces. I want it to be bright, happy and fun. Something that she can grow in for years to come. Also, I am 100 percent sure there will be a chalkboard wall in there somewhere. And I will find and paint metal lockers if it's the death of me! I bought a few blueprint copies over the weekend and it already feels like a different space! I can't wait to finish it all. ps, You can see her standing on her new bed, in all her proudness in the instagram pictures on my sidebar! 


  1. Uh, can that be my room instead? I seriously wanna live in that inspiration board, haha. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I bet her big girl room will be so pretty!

  3. This is seriously all so perfect. I imagine something so much like this for my one day daughter :)


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