May 25, 2013


It's not really customary for me to post an outfit of a dress I've made before it's even for sale in my shop....but, I'm breaking all the rules today! Actually, I'm in need of your opinion! When I first made this sweet dress with a cutout back, geometric design, and pretty summery hues I knew I wanted it to have ties. Sort of like a children's romper would (I made this dress 100 percent inspired by a romper Dakota has actually!) anyway, when I put the ties on I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. They were a bit bulky, and stuck out of my jean jacket in a weird way. And since I know everyone who buys this dress will be paring it with a jean jacket...nudge, I cut off the ties and added buttons. But I don't know if I love it either. So that is my dilemma.What would you  prefer to see on it? Buttons, ties, or snaps? 


  1. I love the button idea. I like the idea of ties but thinking of comfort I love the button idea way more. I don't know what material you used for the loops around the buttons, but it would be really cute if you could do them in a coordinating color to the fabric. Adorable dress no matter what the detail is though :)

  2. Your skills are impressive. I kinda like it as is!


  3. Oh that dress is gorgeous! And I really looove your tattoo :)

  4. I like the button idea! I dislike the ties in the back because they always look weird when paired with something like a vest/jean jacket! I love the way it looks now.


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