October 17, 2011

Rediscovered Art.

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So I have recently found my stash of cards as I used to call them. I probably have 30 or so, and they're just sitting in a box. 5 of my favorites are matted, but not framed. I used them in my AP Portfolio art class in high school, otherwise, those probably wouldn't be partially framed either. I don't think I have enough leisure time to mat and frame them, a. because I don't have a paper cutter, and b. because I don't want 30+ frames in my house. 

My question for you is: how should I display these? Should they all be randomly distributed throughout the house? Because that's how the 5 that are "framed" are displayed now. But I really enjoy looking at these, so I want to be able to see them often. Should they all be on some mass collaboration? HELP! It's been years and I haven't done anything with them, boo.

Hope you have a great Monday and feel inspired!

xo Meghan

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  1. I love your cards! Especially the first one! I love art with a strong message.
    Xo Chloe.


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